User agreement

Main provisions

The aim of creating and using the internet resource is to develop and ameliorate scientific, research, scholar, educational, medical and other developing tendencies in radiodiagnostics.

By signing this user agreement, you accept all conditions and agree with the internal order, established by the site administration. If you violate this order, the site administration can limit your access to this resource. In case you do harm on or without purpose to this resource, administration or the holder of this internet resource, the site administration will undertake counter or opposing measures, which are in vigor of the actual legislation of Russian Federation.

Rules of using the site resources

The registered user is entitled to publish his/her own research, by downloading it as an archive in the resource, having taken engagement to fulfill all requirements of the administration, connected with posting the research.

The posted research is to be saved in the DICOM format, in one folder, archived in .rar or .zip format and mustn’t contain any screenshots, screensavers and other fragments, on which passport details of the patient or the place of the research conduct can be indicated.

All data saved in a format different from DICOM, which the downloaded file contains, will be automatically deleted during the archive processing, at once after downloading.

When downloading the research, you engage to make sure that it doesn’t contain any screenshots in the DICOM format, which the DICOM file contains, which in its turn contains the information about the patient (for example, surname, name and patronymic and also data about the place of the research conduct and the stuff), which are impossible to delete, as they form the part of the image. Thus, screenshots containing no such data are allowed.

Each posted research must pass the moderation, during which the administration makes assessment of the contents, checks the correspondence to the place, stated in the nomenclature, and checks if there are any prohibited graphic objects, which can save data about the patient, after the files anonymization.

During the moderation stage, the research can be approved by the site administration and you will get the free access according to the user’s will, or can be disapproved, after what you will receive the explanation letter which will allow the user to correct the mistake, or rejected so that the general access will be denied and you will get no reason of refusal.

Together with the research you can also post documents, accompanying this archive, though the user must beforehand delete all the data about the patient’s passport information, otherwise the documentation will not pass the stage of moderation, and the research will not be accompanied by the documents.

Due to the absence of absolute verification and checking of the data authenticity, the site administration can’t provide 100% unshakable guarantees about the data precision, which the archives of researches contain, due to the presence of subjectivity of the user’s assessment, who places the research in the archive, and also due to the variety of the macromorphological structure of changes, during which the documental confirmation by other methods are dominating.

When approving a research, not accompanied by documents, administration gives consent and doesn’t object, doesn’t call anything the opinion of the user (who is the author of the research) in question, but doesn’t in no way confirm the point of view, suggested by the author, within the framework of diseases classification, given by the site, but only accepts it. Besides during the moderation stage the site administration also conducts its personal research assessment suggesting the second opinion to the author of the research for the user to accept or to reject the opinion, though, at the same time doesn’t mean absolute verification and absolutization as a single and incontestable point of view.

The data, received via this resource, can be posted in different ways, but the reference to the resource should be indicated. Otherwise the archive author and the research author (in both cases whether it’s one or two individuals) have the right to solicit compensation for the copyright violation with the help of trial proceedings within the framework of the actual legislation of Russian Federation.

The registered user has the right to express his/her opinion about the work of the resource, and also suggest his vision of its work, perspectives of development or moderation in case of a mistake, imprecision or an objective opposition to the logic and common sense.

Any registered user can post his/her research on the site on the common free basis or commercial basis in case of signing the agreement of collaboration between the user and the site administration.

Breaking the terms of the site use.

The site administration doesn’t bear responsibility for the self-interested use of data, obtained legally or illegally, connected with the work of this resource, about the patients by the third persons, who are able to harm a patient in direct or indirect ways, making the persons, who deliberately used the results, fully responsible.

If in case of using the archive of research, you have learnt common data about the patient, by signing this agreement you engage not to distribute this data and to the best of your ability inform the administration of the resource about such a violation of the site work inner order.

Technical problems of the site performance.

By agreeing to be logged in this resource, the site user engages not to put any physical, juridical, financial or any other type of pressure on the site administration due to the loss of control over the information, kept in the resource or its full and irreversible loss due to the technical inconveniences of the archive performance.


The registered user bears responsibility to follow all the provisions of use of this resource, not to violate them and in case of noticing any violation timely inform the site administration about them.